5 Kind of Besties we all need during Our Wedding

Friends are an important part of our Wedding, they make you dance, they make you cry, they shop with you, they take away all your nightmares. We always have different kinds of Besties in our Wedding. What kind of Friends do you have? Tag all of them right here.

The “Fitness Freak” Bestie

She will be the one who will make sure you are following your diet and having food on time. She will keep annoying you to take your “Green Tea & Detox Juices” as per your schedule. On the Wedding day, she will make sure you don’t starve during the pheras

The “Go Getter” Bestie

She will be the one who will act as “Raj from DDLJ”, she will be everyone’s favourite because she will make sure everything is running as per schedule. All your uncles, aunts will keep calling her to check if the guests have checked in or if the food has been served or not

The “Always By My Side” Bestie

She will be the moral support for you throughout the planning stages and on the day of the wedding. She will make you feel good and keep you away from last minute tensions

The “Bargaining Queen” Bestie

She will be the person with whom you have shopped your Wedding Lehenga , your trousseau, your footwear, your clutches with. She will be the “Best Bargainer” for anything and everything you want to buy

The “Live Entertainment” Bestie

Without her the party won’t start. Right from your Mehendi night till your Shaadi ka Dhol, she will be the one to initiate all the dances, karaoke’s and would pull your uncle and aunts to dance along

Well, we all have such friends in our group. Make sure you tag them and remind them their roles.