How do you ditch the Traditional Mithai Gifting in Weddings

Gone are the days when our granny’s packed Mithai Boxes for our guests, today, we can see a variety of other options that can replace the sweets which can also be Healthy:
1. Honey: We are all well aware of the benefits of honey, this is a very handy option of replacing sweets with the invitation cards. A small cutely packaged bottle of honey will also act as a sweet way to a new beginning.
2. Green Tea: Exotic Green Tea from all over the world is now available at a store near you, create customised packaging for the Green Tea and it’s the healthiest and most refreshing option
3. Assorted Healthy Snacks: Wide variety of Healthy Snacks are available which are made up of Nachni, Jowar, Oats, etc. can be gifted with the card
4. Yoghurt Parfaits: Why not gift the delicious Yoghurt Parfaits with the invite? It’s the most lip smacking dessert that can be healthy and tasty at the same time
5. Granola Bars: Perfect combination of Chocolate and Dry Fruits! Why not try the Healthy Option, this can be one of the most trending gifting option this season
Do it the Healthy Way!
PS: Also, if you would want us to help you in gifting these items, do connect with us 😉