Where to go for your Pre-Wedding Shoot?

Bored of the same old beaches and forts for your Pre-Wedding Shoot?
Here we suggest you some new ideas to look for:
1. The place you first met: So there will be always that place where you guys met first, may it be your college, coffee shop etc etc. Why not recreate the moment and capture it?
2. The place of the final love confession: In most of the cases, proposing is a very private affair as we are scared of the outcome 😛 But when it’s all good, go and get clicked so that you can show your kids where did it all happen
3. Your hangout spots: We all have that one restaurant, that one coffee shop, that one ice-cream Parlour where we have spent our courtship period. Capture these moments
It’s all about capturing memories! Why go to places and shoot where you don’t have any memories? Instead capture your love story in your Pre-Wedding Shoot 🙂