Fitness Mantras for the Groom

1. Pump up your Cardio: Running, Cycling, Dancing, Aerobics are some great work-outs to follow. This will give you that perfect body which your girl would die for

2. Divide your Meals: Eat small portions and atleast 6 times a day, this will help you to burn your fats and stay healthy

3. Spa-Time: This may sound funny, but it’s your big day too! Spend some “Me-time” at the spa and rejuvenate yourself

4. Do what you love: Engage yourself in your hobbies especially if you are a sports fanatic. Go and play cricket, football, volleyball or whatever you like. This will give you some “Boys Time” and will also help in keeping you fit.

5.  Quit the Caffeine: Instead, engage yourself in Green Tea, Fresh Juice, Detox Water, etc.

Have Fun Guys