Your Ultimate Guide for a Fun Pre-Wedding Shoot

Capturing moments of togetherness just before you walk the aisle is a growing obsession among young Indians these days.
We bring to you the 4 step checklist to make your pre-wedding shoot easy and fun loving.
Step 1
Choose the right photographer
Hire a photographer who makes you feel comfortable to shoot. Sometimes couples get conscious to shoot in front of photographers and are not able to give out their natural and best. Photographer surely plays an important role in enhancing your photos but they also play important role to capture you at that very right moment and this opportunity is only in the hands of the couple.
Step 2 
Lock on your location
Make a list of top three selected locations and ten keep sometime aside to chose the perfect location. Sometimes you may also be required to take necessary permissions for shoot. Also do not forget the hassles for travelling. Pick up a location that does not make you feel tiresome after all you also need to get clicked.
Step 3
Costumes and props
It may so happen that the location selected is absolute serene and you may want to keep it just ethereal and natural but you can always add a little more glamour with your outfits and props to your shoot.
Step 4
Get a helping hand along with you
It is difficult and cumbersome to manage time schedules, transport and venue all by yourself. Sometimes the photographer might have assistants for co-ordination or you can get along a friend to help you out with the situations