When should you start planning your Wedding?

Everyone has this question in mind as to when should the planning be started, what is the ideal time gap before booking a venue, finalizing the décor, menu selection, etc etc.

Here is the Timeline that you need to follow:

1) Venue Selection:

This is the most crucial part of the Wedding, once a venue is booked, you have all the time to shop, to decide on the theme, to work on the guest list and the list goes on. Venue should be booked 8 months prior the Wedding Date in case of a Destination Wedding or a Wedding in your City, so that you can get the desired date that you have in mind. You may find 8 months too much for a local city Wedding but why delay when the date is decided?

2) Décor & Theme:

Once the venue is booked, you can start browsing Pinterest for your “Dream Wedding” and show it to the Decorator/Planner once you have a clear picture in mind. The actual décor can be finalized 3 months before the Wedding so that we can make sure if we need to make anything special available for your Wedding Décor.

3) Food & Beverage:

This can be finalized before 2 months the wedding date and seasonal factors can also be undertaken so that we can add some fresh touch to the Menu if needed. A lot can be explored in this section, after all this is the most important section of the Wedding. Don’t forget to taste the final menu before the Wedding so that alterations can be made as per the taste of the family

4) Photographer

Photographer is the person who will help you relive the moment for lifetime by capturing it perfectly. Choosing a photographer can be tricky sometimes, always do a test shoot for some small function to know if you would want him or not. Usually, the Top Notch Photographers have bookings in advance more than 10 months prior. So, if you are deciding to book a well known photographer, keep in touch with him for the availability. Should be booked minimum 6 months in advance

5 )Make-Up Artists:

Ideal time would be 3 months before the Wedding, also please don’t forget to take trial sessions with the Make-Up Artist because they will be responsible for your D-Day look. In case, you are not happy with him/her, you can try and look for other options

6) Invitation Cards:

Invitation Cards & Hamper should be finalized 6 months before the Wedding so that the final output can take 1 month to get delivered. Always, ask for a sample wedding card to avoid spelling errors. At times, there can be a delay in printing of the cards, so it is advisable to be ready early so that it can be sent to the people staying away from the city and they can plan their bookings in advance

7) Honeymoon:

For booking a Honeymoon Package, one should keep in mind a time frame of 6 months. This will also give you competitive rates and you can also be sure till then as to how much would you want to splurge.

For shopping, there are practically no deadlines as we girls continue to shop till the last week..Hehe 😉

So, You should be sure about everything before 1 month left for the Wedding. Always keep a check list handy. In case you want to avoid stress and wanna have fun in your wedding, you can hire us and we will do the rest..:)